All This Bad Blood
Released November 25, 2013
Length 83:06
Producers Dan Smith, Mark Crew
Label Virgin
Bad Blood
All This Bad Blood
From All This Bad Blood
  1. "Of the Night"
    Released: October 11, 2013

All This Bad Blood is the re issue of Bastille's first album Bad Blood, released on the 25th November 2013.

Songs Edit

The first part of the album is called All This Bad Blood and consists of just b sides. "Poet" comes from the "Pompeii" single[1], "Haunt" comes from the "Bad Blood" single[2], "Sleepsong" comes from the "Overjoyed" single[3] and "Durban Skies" comes from the "Flaws" single.[4] "Weight of Living Pt. I" is a hidden track on the original version of Bad Blood. "The Silence" and "Laughter Lines" are bonus tracks from The Extended Cut version of Bad Blood.[5]

The second part of the album is called Other People's Heartache which mainly consist of songs from Other People's Heartache part 1 and 2. It also has two newer songs on it which are "The Draw" and "Skulls".

"Durban Skies" is written about Dan and his sister being taken to Africa by their parents, who are from Africa. Dan said that ""The Draw is about the fears of being away and feeling the pull of being drawn home".[6] "Of the Night" is a mash up of "The Rhythm of the Night" by Corona and "Rhythm Is a Dancer" by Snap!.[7] "What Would You Do" is a City High cover. They are both from Other People's Heartache Pt. I.

Release Edit

The first and so far only single to be released from All This Bad Blood is "Of the Night", released as a digital download on the 11th October 2013. It was released on 10" vinyl on the 18th November, 2013. A music video for the song was made, directed by Dave Ma[8]. The single charted at number 2 in the UK.[9] All This Bad Blood was released on the 25th November 2013 on double CD.

Track listing Edit

Part 1 All This Bad Blood

  1. Poet
  2. The Silence
  3. Haunt (demo)
  4. Weight of Living, Pt 1
  5. Sleepsong
  6. Durban Skies
  7. Laughter Lines

Part 2 Other People's Heartache

  1. Previously on Other People's Heartache
  2. Of the Night
  3. The Draw
  4. What Would You Do
  5. Skulls
  6. Tuning Out...

Credits Edit

  • Dan Smith – lead vocals, keyboards, percussion, string arrangements
  • Kyle Simmons – keyboards, percussion, backing vocals
  • Will Farquarson – bass, keyboards, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Chris "Woody" Wood – drums, backing vocals
Technical personnel
  • Mark Crew – mixing, production, programming
  • Dan Smith – production, programming

Release history Edit

Region Date Format Label
United Kingdom 25 November 2013[10] CD, DD Virgin Records
European Union
Poland 26 November 2013[11] Universal Music Group
Italy Virgin
India 4 December 2013[12] Capitol, Virgin
Canada 10 December 2013[13] Universal Music Group, Virgin
United States 14 January 2014[14] DD Virgin
Mexico 18 February 2014[15] CD, DD Virgin
Germany 12 March 2014[16] Universal Music Group
Brazil 28 March 2014[17]
United States 22 April 2014[18] CD Virgin
Worldwide 25 November - 22 April 2014 CD, DD Virgin EMI, Universal Music Group, Virgin, EMI, Capitol

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