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Dan Smith
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Dan Smith


July 14, 1986 (age 27)



Template:Wikipedia Daniel Campbell Smith is the lead singer and songwriter in Bastille, born on the 14th July, 1986, on Bastille Day.

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Smith grew up in South London and went to Kings College School, Wimbledon. He has an older sister. Smith continued his studies at University of Leeds, where he read English Literature.

Write slovak please :( :(

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Dan Alchemy video shoot 2

Dan behind da scenes of the "Alchemy" video

Aged 15, Smith started off writing songs on the piano and his laptop in his bedroom, but kept it secret from his friends and family. That was until his secret was discovered by a friend who stumbled upon him producing music from his student digs and entered him for a local competition for which the prize was studio recording time and performing a gig.[1]

He had various songs, including "Irreverence", "Words Are Words" and "Alchemy" which a video was released for it.[2] Unfortunatly, he really didn't do very well with his solo career, so kind of stopped however him and his friend Ralph Pellymounter, from To Kill a King, kept making music, who have been making music before this. They formed Annie Oakley Hanging who only had a few songs though.[3] I think Dan likes to forget about his solo career lol.

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May Dan is Dan in May 2013

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